GWB Get wooden beams 1.3, Software for house designers

An AutoCAD add-on which identifies wooden beams or timbers from 3D drawings of wooden houses

GWB is an application for AutoCAD.
It serves to identify wooden rectangular beams from 3D AUTOCAD, DWG or DXF drawings. Beams can be cut perpendicularly or nonperpendicularly to the ends. DWG or DXF files can be created directly in AutoCAD, or they can come from programs that canĀ generate wood structures or from other materials (such as the software: ArchiCAD, Chief Architect, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Tekla, FURNIT, etc.). In fact, all parts (for example of concrete or other material) with a rectangular section of a 3D model of a building are identified.

The result of the program is a drawing with the identified parts (numbered, dimensioned and positioned from an origin) and a file of quantities that can be loaded into EXCEL. The identified pieces become entities that can be manipulated (modified, archived or drawn) in the FURNIT program.

It is a very useful tool for designers of structures of wooden, concrete and metal, that prepare the drawings resulting from specialized programs, for printing and establishing the lists of quantities.

GWB works very well in combination with furniture design programs, like our FURNIT-Design of furniture software!

Input data: A DWG or DXF file that contains 3D pieces

The 3D pieces must be:
– with 6 planes,
– with rectangular sections,
– cut (eventually nonperpendicular to the ends) to the final dimension,
– placed in space at the final position,
– described by BLOCK, 3DSOLID, 3DFACE or POLYFACE entities in a GROUP or not,
– without cuts for joining.

Output data: A DWG file and a file of quantities

The DWG file contains a VIEWPORT in PAPER SPACE for each layer of beams found in the DWG. Layers can be, for example, a type of material. Each identified beam will be numbered (local and global), and dimensioned (gauge dimensions and 2 angles of rotation of the two faces at the ends). The coordinates of two opposite vertices of the beams, against an origin point indicated in advance, will be also drawn. A tabel with beams, each with dimensions, angles, area (required to determine the quantities of surface protection materials), volume (real and of the gauge) and totals by bar types and general totals, will be automatically generated on each viewport. There are totals for the same dimensions of the rectangular section, as well as for the identicall beams.
The quantity file will contain a list of beams, each with dimensions, angles and volume (of gauge and real). This file can be loaded into EXCEL, where different totals (by section type, angles, layers, etc.) can be made.

Requirements: Windows and AUTOCAD at least 2013 version.

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Combined use of GWB and FURNIT programs!

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