We offer technical support via email, for free and indefinitely, for the purchased software.

You can also buy CAD support units, at a lower price than a program. For these, we run our programs with your data. You will receive by email the result.

We can also help you to:
– development of programs, from simple LISP routines to advanced programs,
– support / consulting for our programs or a technical problem,
– topographic data processing, triangulation, isolines, sections or hydrological calculations of flooding,
– design of roads and bridges on concrete beams using our software package called RROAD,
3d animation of roads and bridges,
– create a 3D model, starting from 2D drawings,
– volume calculation of cut and fill for earthworks or soil excavation,
– inserting 3D models into pictures.

New: C and AutoLISP source code for sale!

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