GCULVERT Cast in place box culvert and pipe culvert design 1.2

An add-on for AutoCAD, for 3D design of cast in place box culvert and pipe culvert

Being more rigid, this type of culvert poured on site, is suitable for regions prone to earthquakes. It is also useful if the access road does not allow the transport of large prefabricated parts.
The culvert consists of one or more rectangular frame pieces or precast concrete pipes, 2 wings or a wing and a fall chamber. Rectangular pieces can be placed in steps to reduce the slope of the drain.
The wings and the fall chamber can be at 90 degrees or at a different angle from the culvert axis. The walls of a wing can have different sizes and angles. The sole of the wing can be horizontal or inclined. The culvert rests on a foundation, and in the drainage area there is a concrete protection material.
All parts are parameterized, the user entering or modifying the input data, explained by adjacent images. You can enter the input data from another run, modify some of them and launch the run. You will automatically get the execution drawings, quantity lists and files with the new input data. You will be able to create in time, a database with different examples of culverts.

Input data

1) a DWG file with the line of flow of the culvert in cross section to the road; there may be other entities that will not be interpreted,
2) the points in the DWG between which the rectangular frames are placed,
3) a point in the DWG for which its Z will be indicated; it will be used to automatically add Z dimensions to drawings,
4) the dimensions and materials of the parts,
5) drawings dimensions, DWG header and the texts to complete it.

Send us the entry data of a culvert and you will receive free of charge the execution drawings and the list of quantities of the culvert!

Output data

Drawings containing: 3D view, plan view, longitudinal section and cross sections of the culvert.
A table with the volumes, materials and lateral area of the parts is generated on the 3D drawing.
The drawings are dimensioned automatically.

Requirements: Windows and AUTOCAD at least 2010 version.

Download trial version!   Buy GCulvertYou can buy box and pipe or only box culvert.

Click here to see a pipe culvert video.
Click on the image below to see a box culvert video.
GCulvert Presentation video
Click on the image below to see a clip with the rectangular pieces in steps.
GCulvert boxes in steps