An AutoCAD add-on for tracing of foundation plates (building foundations) and drilled columns

It automatically generates the construction drawings for the tracing of foundation plates, drilled columns and, optionally, the corbel line. The foundation plates can be without contact, and the columns can have any position inside the foundation plates.

It is part of the RROAD software package, for the designing of roads and bridges.

There are no limits on the number of foundations and columns that will be drawn automatically!

The program can also be used for tracing the foundations of constructions!

Without this program, the designers of consolidations with foundations and perforated columns, would have had to manually query points and enter the coordinates displayed in some tables.

Input data:

1) a drawing that contains the top view of the foundation plates and numbered columns, the corbel line and 2 stations with the corresponding X, Y coordinates, The drawing can result automatically from the PISTE POSTPROCESSOR program.
2) size of the drawings, DWG for the indicator and the texts for supplementing it

Output data:

1) a drawing that represents the tracing plan, on which the foundation plate corners and the points of the corbel line are automatically numbered
2) a drawing that contains the tables with the coordinates of the foundation plate corners, of the centers of columns and of the points of the corbel line; the coordinates are in the system of the stations (local, STEREO70 or any other); additionally, it generates the distances to the stations and the angle to the straight line that connects the stations.

Requirements: Windows and AUTOCAD at least 2013 version.

DCT Animated demo!