RROAD – Software package for the design of roads and bridges on concrete beams

RROAD is a package of add-ons for AutoCAD, which automates the designing of roads and concrete beam bridges. RROAD is a custom software, created and utilized as early as 1994, by RCAD SOFTWARE, together with design companies. RROAD was used to design and build 4 concrete beam bridges, with 9 openings and other bridges with 1, 3 or 4 openings. Footbridges, hundreds of kilometers of national, county or communal roads have also been designed and built. Studies or technical offers have been drawn up for passageways with up to 44 openings, for national roads or expressways.

Some bridges, designed with RROAD package and already built, you can see here!

RROAD applications

BRIDGE – 3D design of the geometry of concrete beam bridges
SUPERCONCRETING – 3D reinforcement of bridge over-concreting
LWALL – 3D reinforcement of L retaining walls
WING – 3D reinforcement of bridge wings
DRILLED COLUMNS – 3D reinforcement of drilled columns
DRILLED COLUMNS TRACING – Tracing of foundation plates and drilled columns
KILOM – Embankments, consolidations, water drainage and widenings for roads
TOPOGRAPHY – The graphical representation and editing of the topographic data for roads
CULVERT – 3D design of the geometry of culverts made of C, P or L prefabricated elements
CHUTE-ROOM – 3D reinforcement of culvert chute-rooms
TYMPAN – 3D reinforcement of culvert tympans
ANCHORED PLATES TRACING – 3D tracing of anchored plates
COPING – 3D reinforcement of the coping of anchored plates
EARTH PUSH CALCULATION FOR WALLS – Calculation of the earth push at the walls.