Topography for road

An AutoCAD add-on for the graphical representation and editing of the topographical data for roads

It is part of the RROAD software package, for the designing of roads and bridges.

Input data:

1) a file with topographical data which includes elements such as “POINT_NUMBER X Y Z CODE” or 2 files, namely the first contains the list of points “POINT_NUMBER X Y Z” while the second contains successions such as “CODE No._POINT1 No._POINT2…”
2) a library of codes by which it indicates the method of graphical representation of the points, through joining with 3DPOLY, with SPLINE or through a symbol (BLOCK); it can add or change the elements from the library
3) a file with the level of the base layer in drilling points
4) data for the hydraulic calculation (for determining the water level and of the flooded area in the vicinity of the rivers, roads, culverts and bridges): roughness coefficients of the minor and major riverbed (unique values or different from one picket to another), maximum flow rate, data on the extension or correction of the riverbed; It uses an algorithm based on Chezy’s formula, applied for each cross section, starting downstream (according to PD 95-2002 norm, Romania); see here a hydraulic calculation demo!
5) a closed POLYLINE, and the points that are in it can be extracted in a file
6) a 2D POLYLINE, which represents a new route which it will be able to project over the triangulation
7) several 2D POLYLINEs of different Z, resulting from the contour lines of some digitized maps; on these POLYLINEs, it can generate points with a given step
8) various settings: initial kilometer, grid steps, interpolation step, drawing of POINT_NUMBER or Z, scales, etc.

Output data:

1) graphical representation of the topographical data according to the code library and settings
2) corrected points files, resulting from the interactive change of the point coordinates, of the code or of the point order in 3DPOLY or SPLINE
3) triangulation and contour lines
4) drawing of the longitudinal profile and of the cross sections for a certain code
5) files for interfacing with the PISTE-Setra program (for designing the road geometry), corresponding to profiles and sections
6) base layer drawing in profiles and sections
7) in the case of hydraulic calculations, the level of the maximum flow rate in profiles and sections, the flooded area in top view and a hydraulic data table (velocities, water level, hydraulic radiuses, hydraulic slopes, etc.)
8) new successions of points through the projection of a POLYLINE over the triangulation or through the division of some POLYLINEs corresponding to the contour lines of a digitized map
9) analysis of a road, thus resulting: radii, gradients, road width, maximum speeds and a graph with the average cant and the calculated cant
10) a file with topographical data, hydro and base layer, interfacing with the PISTE POSTPROCESSOR program

Requirements: Windows and AUTOCAD at least 2010 version.

The TOPOGRAPHY for ROAD program contains and is delivered together with the program Topography in AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

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