Convert online DXF to XYZ points files

We convert online DXF or DWG files into XYZ points files.
We also make the reverse conversion, from XYZ files to DXF or DWG files.

The conversion is useful when you no longer have the XYZ points file, but you have the equivalent DXF or DWG file, possibly with modifications or additions of new entities.

XYZ point file will have articles with 5 fields: point_number X Y Z code.

From the DXF or DWG files, the following entities are converted:
– POINT, its coordinates giving X, Y, Z; the point layer defines the “code” field,
– TEXT, its coordinates giving X, Y, Z; the layer defines the “code” field; TEXT can be 2D, Z being the content of the text,
– BLOCK, its insertion point giving X, Y, Z; the layer or name of the block give the “code”,
– 2D POLYLINE, 3DPOLY or LINE; the vertices define X, Y, Z; it is possible to generate intermediate points with constant step between vertices; 2D POLYLINE may contain circular arcs; the layer defines the “code” field.

If your file has entities like the above, the conversion price is a CAD support units.
We can quickly resolve other cases of conversion. In this case the price is a multiple of a CAD support unit.

Send us your files by email.
You will immediately receive a part of the resulting file.
After you pay, you will receive the final file.

Click on the image to see a video presentation.
DXF to XYZ Presentation video