Drilled columns reinforcement

3D reinforcement of the foundation plate and concrete drilled piles (shafts), in AutoCAD or BricsCAD

It is part of the RROAD software package, for the designing of roads and bridges.

It automatically generates the construction drawings and the reinforcement extract for the 3D reinforcement of the drilled columns, foundation plate, corbel and/or the tympan. The foundation plate can be longitudinally and/or transversally rotated. The columns can be, on one row or on two, vertical or inclined. Concerning the foundation plate, there can be a corbel or a tympan. In the event that a tympan exists, a corbel can be connected to it. The longitudinal reinforcements from the columns can be on one row or on two (the rows are concentric). The ones with even numbers on the outer row can be shortened, and all the ones from the inner row can also be shortened.

Input data:

1) 2D outline of the foundation plate, columns and corbel
2) angles and size of the foundation plate, corbel and tympan
3) information on reinforcements: diameters, materials, steps and succession
4) size of the drawings, DWG for the indicator and the texts for supplementing it.

Output data:

– construction drawings and reinforcement extract.

Requirements: AUTOCAD at least 2008 version or BricsCAD at least V19.

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