An AutoCAD add-on for 3D design of the geometry of concrete beam bridges

It is part of the RROAD software package, for the designing of roads and bridges.

BRIDGE was used to design and build 4 concrete beam bridges, with 9 openings and other bridges with 1, 3 or 4 openings. Studies or technical offers have been drawn up for passageways with up to 44 openings, for national roads or expressways.

See here some bridges designed using RROAD!

No need to be an expert in concrete beams bridges!
Just fill or modify data, through a dialogue.
The bridge will be generated 3D, by automatically adjusting to the axes of the plan and longitudinal profile and to the user input (see here an example).

The program is adapted and sold at this time in Romania. If you want a version according to your specifications, please contact us..

Input data:

1) a DWG file that contains:
– top plan of the axis: bridge, left width, right width and riverbed; the axis are POLYLINE made up of straight lines and circular arcs
– unfolded section of the axis for the bridge and riverbed
2) a file with bridge inclines
3) interactively, it will indicate information about the openings: number (no limit), distances, type of infrastructure (perpendicular to the bridge’s axis, tangential to the riverbed’s axis or to an angle) and joints
4) for each opening you must indicate:
– the concrete beam type by selecting from a library, which will automatically give the size of the bearing blocks; the beams can have a constant or variable length for an opening, they can end in a rectangle or in an angle
– the number of beams, the position of the bearing blocks and the size of the bearings
– the size of the foundation, elevation, banquette and tympani of the piers; the elevation can be rectangular,  rounded rectangular, rounded trapezoidal or made up of cylinders; the foundation can have steps and can be supported by drilled columns
– the materials, diameters and the 3D reinforcement steps of the elevation, banquette and tympani of the piers
5) for each abutment you must indicate:
– the size of the foundation, elevation, banquette, tympani, the support console, the drain console and the back wall; the foundation can have steps and can be supported by drilled columns
– you can opt for a supporting back wall or for wings; the wings appear as a continuation of the elevation, they can have a horizontal or inclined foundation and they have 3 different slope areas
– the materials, diameters and the 3D reinforcement steps of the elevation, banquette, tympani and the supporting side wall
6) size of path console, quarter cone, connector plates, gutters and downspouts and ramps with L walls
7) asphalt thickness, waterproofing and over-concreting, sidewalk size (optional) and pedestrian or directional parapets
8) size of the drawings, DWG for the indicator and the texts for supplementing it.
9) STEREO70 or other coordinates of 2 points, for the purpose of tracing

Output data:

1) drawings which contain 3D views, plan view and lateral and unfolded section of the bridge
2) drawings which contain the views and sections of the piers and abutments, automatically dimensioned
3) drawings which contain the cross sections through abutments and piers
4) drawings with 3D reinforcement of abutments (banquette, elevation and supporting back wall) and piers (banquette and elevation) and the reinforcement extract
5) a file with volumes of all the parts
6) drawings with the tracing in STEREO70 or in other coordinates system, of the foundations, columns, consoles, over-concreting, bearing blocks and road axis
7) a file with the over-concreting geometry data, interfacing with the SUPERCONCRETING automatic reinforcement program
8) a file with the wing geometry data, interfacing with the WING automatic reinforcement program.

Video presentations

– Bridge design software – Input data
– Bridge design software – concrete reinforcement, input data
– Sibiu-Pitesti highway study Km00-10
– Sibiu-Pitesti highway study Km24-30
– Reinforced pier – Type 1
– Reinforced pier – Type 2
– Reinforced abutment

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