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We sell AutoLISP and C source code.

AutoLISP source code can be run on AutoCAD or IntelliCAD (Bricscad, ProgeCAD, Cadopia, etc.) on any number of computers, without any restrictions.

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You do not have the right to publish or resell the source code.

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Below is a list of the source code offered for sale and where it can be seen how it works.
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NameLanguageDescriptionSee how works at:
Lisp sources and an EXE for points triangulation in any AutoCAD or IntelliCAD versionAutoLISPAn EXE executable and the sources of 2 AutoLisp functions, one for thickening points on “3DPOLY” and “SPLINE” and another for triangulation of points and blocks, that call the EXE.Topography in AutoCAD
Lisp sources for cut and fill volumeAutoLISPThe filling and digging volumes between the project and the land surfaces. The surfaces must be 3DFACE or 3DMESH entitiesLT_SCALE AutoCAD add ons
Unfolded sectionAutoLISP
It determines the developed (unwrapped) section of one set of 3DFACE (triangles) and vertical planes passing through a 2D POLYLINE which may contain arcs. 3DSOLID and 3DMESH entities are converted in triangles.
It determines the 3D intersection curves (3DPOLY entities) between 2 sets of 3DFACE (triangles) entities. 3DSOLID and 3DMESH entities are converted in triangles.
3DINTERSECTION for AutoCAD or Bricscad
Triangulation of pointsC
Triangulate the points on a convex hull or between an external contour and possibly more interior contours. It will launch first a fast triangulation. It can work with a a relative uniform distribution of the points, but not with a constant step. If it doesn’t work for the given set of the points, it will resume automatically using a normal triangulation. If the normal triangulation will fail, the triangulation will resume with total checks (which will take longer).
RTOPO-CAD for Topography,
Topography in AutoCAD,
Topography in IntelliCAD
Interpolates a set of 3DFACE (triangles) entities. For each 3DFACE entity is determined a quartic (of degree 4) triangular surface patch of Bezier type. It provide a continuity of type G1 (the continuity of the tangent plane along the common edge of two 3DFACE entities). The surface passes through the initially vertices of the 3DFACE.
RTOPO-CAD for Topography
Calculates the volume and center of gravity of a set of bodies or between surfaces composed of 3DFACE (triangles) entities.
RTOPO-CAD for Topography,
Topography in AutoCAD,
Topography in IntelliCAD
Intersect and divide two sets of 3DFACE (triangles) entities. It will generate: POLYLINEs representing the intersection and some zones of triangles, bounded by the intersection. The triangles crossed by the intersection will be divided.
RTOPO-CAD for Topography
Is an interface for introducing a long list of geometric input data for an automatic design program.
FURNIT Design of furniture program libraries
RROAD software package
Calculation functions for 3D vectors and points listsAutoLISP
3D vectors: sum, difference, scalar product, vector product, versor, intersection of a straight line and a plane, the angle between two straight lines
3D points lists (3DPOLY): drawing, area, distance to the beginning of the list, perpendicular from a point, eliminates the points, eliminates the collinear points, eliminates the returns to 180 degrees, autointersection removal, extends at the ends with a given distance, inserts points, intersection with a straight line, intersection of 2 points lists, determines length, determines offset, scale, translate, generate splines, trim left or right, center of gravity, 3DMESH area, 3DMESH intersection with a plane
Instagram rcadsoftware
3dsolid->list_plineAutoLISPAutolisp code that converts a 3DSOLID into POLYLINEs. It is useful, for example, for automatic reinforcement of concrete parts.Instagram rcadsoftware