RROAD – COPING – 3D reinforcement of the anchored plate coping

It is an AutoCAD add-on that is part of the RROAD software package, for the designing of roads and bridges.

Copings are similar to an L-shaped tympanum, but the sole may be trapezoidal and may have a widening. Copings can be used above the top row of ground anchored plates to connect them to the natural ground and rigola for drainage, or can be used for various other consolidations. You can see below an example of using for ground anchored plates.

Input data:

1) coping size; the coping has a bed plate and a vertical wall, trapezoidal
2) materials, diameters and 3D reinforcement steps
3) size of the drawings, DWG for the indicator and the texts for supplementing it.

Output data:

– construction drawings and reinforcement extract.

Requirements: AUTOCAD at least 2010 version.