CAD Services
CAD support units

We have for you a cheaper alternative than purchasing a program!
We will resolve your problem, by running our program with your data.

First, you will send us your data by email or through the contact form, we will run the program and send you the result in PDF format, then, if you are satisfied, you will pay. In maximum an hour you will receive the final result in DWG format.

You can see below some examples of CAD support.
The price is negotiable.
You can also propose other CAD services.

The price is usually 19 € (a CAD support unit) or a multiple, to facilitate the online payment, by card.

This allows you to solve your problem with minimum cost, without having to buy and learn a new software.


Software CAD Support unit You must send us You will receive
Topography in AutoCAD KML generator
A conversion of a DWG in any projection system to Google Earth
A DWG file and some information about location A KML file
3D Animation A 3D animation A 3D model or 2D drawings A 3D animation, separately or in Google Earth (see here an example)
GWB–Get wooden beams A program execution to identify and position the beams A DWG or DXF file that comes from ArchiCAD, Chief Architect, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Tekla, etc. A DWG file with the identified and positioned pieces and a file of quantities
3D modeling Creating a 3D model, starting from 2D drawings 2D drawings A DWG file with the 3D model (see some examples)
RBRIDGE-3D design of concrete beam bridges Designing a concrete beams bridge Bridge position in plan and longitudinal profile, cross slope, information about openings, beams, reinforcement, etc. 3D drawings, plan view, longitudinal profile, sections, reinforcement, quantities, bridge placement in drawings and in Google Earth, 3D animation
RROAD-Design of roads and bridges L retaining wall, drilled columns, culvert, chute-room, tympan Input data drawings, reinforcement extract, volumes
RROAD-Topography for roads Hydraulic calculation (for determining the water level and of the flooded area in the vicinity of the rivers, roads, culverts and bridges); see here a demo! Topographic survey; roughness coefficients of the minor and major riverbed (unique values or different from one picket to another), maximum flow rate, data on the extension or correction of the riverbed The level of the maximum flow rate in profiles and sections, the flooded area in top view and a hydraulic data table
FURNIT-Design of furniture CAD services for loading the libraries of materials, plates, furniture and technology Sketches, pictures or drawings of furniture The new libraries
FURNIT-Design of furniture 2 new materials in the library The images (pictures) or the descriptions of materials The library completed by new materials
FURNIT-Design of furniture A plate having holes, grooves or edgings The sketch of the plate A new plate inserted in the library
RTOPO-CAD for topography A triangulation A DWG file or a file with the coordinates of the points A DWG file containing the triangulation
RTOPO A triangulation, cross sections and longitudinal profile A DWG file or a file with the coordinates of the points; a route in the form of POLYLINE A DWG file containing the triangulation, cross sections and longitudinal profile
RTOPO A volume between irregular surfaces (soil excavation or cut and fill for earthworks, for example) A DWG file with 3DFACE or 3DMESH entities; topographical data (DWG or XYZ points files); 2D or 3D drawings of the construction The volume
RTOPO An intersection and a division of two triangulations A DWG file with two sets of 3DFACE or 3DMESH entities A DWG file containing the intersection and the division
RTOPO A transformation of a drawing containing entities as PLine (3dpoly), Line, Block and Text, in points having codes A DWG file with PLine (3dpoly), Line, Block and Text entities A DWG file and a points XYZ file
RTOPO Adding 2 new blocks in the library of symbols The sketch of the new blocks The new rtopo_simbol.dxf file
RTOPO Editing a XYZ file of points (the coordinates, the code and the position (in 3DPOLY or SPLINE)) A XYZ file of points having codes A edited XYZ file of points having codes
Developed Section 2 unfolded (unwrapped) sections of one set of 3DSOLID, 3DMESH or 3DFACE entities A DWG file containing a POLYLINE and a set of 3DSOLID, 3DMESH or 3DFACE entities A DWG file containing the developed sections
3D CNC milling from DXF A VDAFS file conversion A VDAFS file A DWG file containing the conversion in 3DFACE entities
3D CNC milling from DXF A NC program for milling A DWG file with 3DFACE and/or 3DMESH entities; tool radius and the steps of milling A file containing the NC program for milling