You can purchase all our CAD products online via shareIT or you can download the shareware version for free. You can make download from the presentation pages of the programs.
We offer technical support via email, for free and indefinitely, for the purchased software!

Purchase options:

  • L1 – First perpetual license; if you want a perpetual license, L1 must be bought first,
  • L2 – Perpetual license no. 2, 3, …; you can buy it at any time after L1, at a lower price,
  • 1P – a processing of your file; you can send us your input data and receive the output of the program, for just 19 € !
Product Description License Buy
RTOPO-CAD for Topography CAD for Topography, editing 3D points, triangulation, isolines, sections. L1, L2
Topography in AutoCAD Triangulation, isolines, volume, loading XYZ points files and sections for AUTOCAD + DWG to Google Earth. L1, L2
GWB–Get wooden beams An AutoCAD add-on which identifies wooden beams from 3D drawings of wooden houses. L1, L2
3DINTERSECTION for AutoCAD or BricsCAD 3D intersection of 3DMESH, 3DSOLID and 3DFACE, for AUTOCAD or BricsCAD. 39 € L1
29 € L2
Developed Section for AutoCAD or BricsCAD Developed (unfolded) section of 3DSOLID, 3DMESH and 3DFACE for AUTOCAD. 39 € L1
29 € L2
Topography in IntelliCAD Triangulation,Isolines, Volume, Loading of XYZ points file, 3D intersection of 3DMESH and 3DFACE and sections for IntelliCAD. 39 € L1
29 € L2
3D CNC milling from DXF + VDAFS to DXF Converts VDAFS file to DXF and generates the NC program for milling. L1, L2
FURNIT-Design of furniture in AutoCAD Design of furniture in AUTOCAD. L1, L2
CAD services
CAD support unit
We run our program with your data.   19 €  1P Online

Each purchased license allows you to install the software on one computer.
After you have paid, you will receive by e-mail, within 24 hours, a complete version, password and unlimited technical support (via email) to use the program.

Perpetual licenses L1 and L2

The programs run for an unlimited period.
For 1 year from the date of purchase, you will receive free updates and upgrades.
Buy only once “License 1L1 of a program!
You can buy anytime after, “License 2, 3 and so onL2 at a lower price. Buying a new license of software, you will benefit for another 1 year of free updates and upgrades for all the licenses of the software.