FURNIT-Design of furniture 2.5

An add-on for AutoCAD, for the design of furniture for kitchen, room, bar or bedroom!

You can project furniture bodies composed from rectangular plates or plates defined by POLYLINE or CIRCLE.

Materials may be attached on plates. They may be graphically represented as real ones.  You can use the AutoCAD RENDER command, to achieve realistic images, of high quality level.

Technology represented by holes, grooves or edgings, can be applied.
On a plate or between 2 plates, assemblings can be applied (hinges, pegs, handles, bars, etc.).

Furniture bodies can be composed of several plates and assemblings.
The plates, the holes, the grooves, the edgings, the assemblings, the bodies and the materials can be modified interactively and archived in order to be reused.

There are 3D editing commands specific for the program.

Execution drawings for plates and the lists of materials, technology and costs are automatically generated.

This program can help you to:

  • design rapidly new furniture, starting from the existing plates or bodies
  • the client can see the image of the furniture before the manufacturing
  • obtain the cost price
  • launch immediately the manufacturing of the furniture, the documentation being generated automatically

Requirements: AUTOCAD version 2007 to 2017.
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Price: 149EUR/186$ – license 1, 74EUR/93$ – license 2, 3 and so on.

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You can also buy CAD support units, at a lower price than a program. For these, we run our programs with your data. First, you will send us your data by email at office@rcad.eu, we will confirm the possibility of execution, then you will pay. In an hour up to a maximum of 24 hours you will receive the result.

CAD Support unit You must send us You will receive Units
A plate having holes, grooves or edgings The sketch of the plate A new plate inserted in the library 1 24
2 new materials in the library The images (pictures) or the descriptions of materials The library completed by new materials 1 24
CAD services for loading the libraries of materials, plates, furniture and technology Sketches, pictures or drawings of furniture The new libraries negotiable

Examples of furniture :

Click on any image and wait the presentation to run. You can move to the next or previous image, you can stop, restart or quit the presentation by pressing the corresponding button.