DEVELOPED (Unfolded) SECTION for AutoCAD 1.6

An add-on for AUTOCAD, which determines the developed (unfolded) section of one set of 3DSOLID, 3DMESH or 3DFACE entities and vertical plans passing through a 2D POLYLINE which may contain arcs, in XOY plane. A new command in AutoCAD, very useful for the designers, is added by this program.

Developed section is generated in the vertical plane passing through the first segment of POLYLINE. The intersection is generated in the form of 3DPOLY entities.

There is also the option not to perform the unfolding. An example of use is the checking of the gauge underneath a passage, in a roundabout (see Example 3, shown below).

Two viewports for printing are created, with the dimensions specified by the user. The first viewport contains the initial view and the second contains only the section, in the unwrapped plan.

You can set also the “concatenation precision” of the segments of intersection.

Requirements: AUTOCAD version 2002 to 2017. 
View animated demo!

Price: 24EUR/26$ – license 1, 12EUR/13$ – license 2, 3 and so on. 

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DEVELOPED SECTION for AutoCAD, examples: